Nov 23 -


It is time to tell you of my lovely Wed.

With 2 hours of prep time I got my hair nicely straight. Make up done. Dress decided.

Looking good.

He sends me a text asking if I am ready, I say yes, then he tell me to go to the door. I see him at the door so I open it… and there he is with his beautiful slime an a bouquet of my favorite flowers. XD

My reaction is like OMG FLOWERS???!?! I take them from him and just hold them. Still adjusting to the fact I was just given flowers on a date. :3 Yes folk this has never happened to me.

We figure out something to do with the flowers and head out onto our date. Next on the list pictures with santa.

Hahaha since its not even December there were no people in line. And this is the time of year adult couples visit Santa. 

Now Santa pix were the only thing I truly knew were on the plan. All Things to come were a complete¬†surprise. We head downtown. As we are walking around he takes me to the first place we ever hung out. Back before there was an intention of dating. It to this day is his favorite little coffee shop. He took us there and exclaimed that they have the best latte’s and that this was the official start of the date.

Next on our mystery venue was a a play. We went to see a Mid Summers Night Dream. The play was fab. And during intermission, we went up stairs on this cool balcony area with pretty light lights. We talked a little bit then he said it!

And at first I was like

Until it sunk in, then I was like,

I was so happy and so shocked he said it. I mean yes I was patiently waiting it, but still was unexpected. I nearly fainted. Not cry but faint. I did feel like I was going to cry the entire night afterwards just because I was so happy, but I remained strong. 

The rest of the night we were like this;

I wanted to skip everywhere. Cry and sing. But the night wasnt over after the play, nope, we went to a jazz club after the play. It was beautiful. It was a perfect day. And of course topped off with some other perfections too..

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